Before the summer ends, Fashion Somebody wanted to give you a re-cap on all the trends that we saw from the Spring/Summer'10 runways and also to inspire and be inspired on the key looks, hot items and most importantly the trends that count now. As a massive thank you to all my current and long-time readers; I am proud to announce Fashion Somebody's expansion from a Blog to a Blog with an e-zine. This issue is a dedication to you all as-well-as a massive thank you for your support since this blog started. I am extremely overwhelmed and happy to present to you the fashionably late and pre-issue to FS Mag - 'The Prelude'.

'The Prelude' is an Introductory issue to the up-coming and first ever issue of Fashion Somebody Mag, a little taster for what is to come. I won't kiss and tell as I don't want to spoil it too much, but what I can promise is toexpect more content, depth, feature article, insider interviews, editorials plus more in Issue 01. It has been an enjoyable experience working on this first edition and a lot of hard-work and sleepless nights went in to putting together this special little package...I would still and will do it a million times over and over because I love and enjoy it! I guess it kind-of my way of fulfiling my fantasy of being an editor of a magazine but at the end of the day, Fashion is undeniably a part of all of us and though each one of us may embrace it in our own unique ways - it links us all together somehow and gives us that one thing in common. But on a more personal note - it is what drives and inspires me everyday to see, be part of such a magnificent phenomenon and to be able to express myself trully, visulally and freely. I am excited and hope that you will continue with me on this journey as I walk Fashion Somebody into a new realm...
........................I can promise you one thing, Im' on a roll! So watch this space!!!